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our horns have been tooting a lot about the bringchange2mind psa as of late, but with good reason. sure, we’re proud of the work we did on this campaign, but what really has us screaming from the rooftops is the lives that have been changed because of it. we cannot tell you how many emails, letters, and calls have passed through this office, praising glenn, ron and all involved in this effort to bring the stigma of mental illness to the forefront. glenn’s press tour generated some incredible buzz, and both the site and facebook page have seen an unbelievable amount of traffic and activity from families, friends and others affected by mental illness. not only are people coming out with their diagnoses, but they’re sharing their stories and lending support to each other in ways we never imagined possible. to learn more about bringchange2mind, or to see new behind the scenes interviews, click here. and in case you missed them the first time around, check out these clips from glenn’s press tour:
the view
good morning america
making a difference
huffington post