taking pala meat snacks’ brand by the horns.

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taking pala meat snacks’ brand by the horns.

introducing pala meat snacks, a family-owned brand that, using a centuries-old process, creates authentic biltong (air dried, sliced beef) and droëwors (air dried sausage beef stick). and a brand that we’ve been fortunate to partner with from the ground up, creating the name, logo, tagline and packaging.

leveraging the equity and tradition of the family name, pala, we designed packaging for 10 skus of biltong and droëwors products (think beef jerkey’s healthier, higher-quality, much better tasting alternative). our modern, minimalist design, using a clean white envelope, reflects the super-premium products within. to reflect the craftsmanship involved in the meat drying process, our fonts are modern with a slightly distressed quality. we created a bull mascot, using a watercolor texture to evoke the artfulness in making these products. the color palette is earthy and bright, reflecting the natural, delicious flavor profiles of each sku—and the products for all collateral materials were styled and photographed by we watsons.

when products are created with such tremendous care, we always make sure their branding is too.

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