the watsons create an instantly iconic logo for the heavenly grand central terminal.

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the watsons create an instantly iconic logo for the heavenly grand central terminal.

how do you improve upon on icon? the great folks at grand central terminal asked us that very question. the result, a new logo that’s an elegant blend of classic and modern—much like the terminal itself.

the goal for we watsons was to make sense out of more than 100 years of history while moving into the modern era to create a logo that could be both historically significant, and represent a modern destination for the best in dining and retail. for the watsons, that meant looking back at the original architecture to find a mark that has been part of the majestic building since its opening in 1913. the terminal features a built-in monogram, a circular marble relief with the letters “g,” “c,” and “t” found repeated in five locations above the ticket windows in the main concourse. we then worked with type artist bryan patrick todd to artfully transform this relief into the elegant, new monogram—perfect for the digital generation.

beyond depicting a two-dimensional version of the marble relief, the biggest influences for the new monogram come directly from the circular forms found around the building: the exposed lightbulbs of the beaux-arts chandeliers, the info booth and famed tiffany clock’s faces. the elegant and classic gold and black colors have long been associated with the terminal and—in an ‘easter egg’ nod to grand central’s railroad history—enthusiasts will notice that the spike in the letter “g” echoes the shape of a train spike used along the tracks.

the new grand central logo font, sackers gothic, harkens back to an even earlier era. inspired by engravers fonts popular in the early 20th century, the font’s simple, all-capitals forms reference that period, while the sans serif typeface imbues the logo with modernity.

it’s a classic case of what is old is new again. and a dream project we never dreamed possible!

watch this nifty little animation we created to reveal the new logo to grand central’s legion of followers and give insight into the inspiration for the design:

illustrations by matt anderson and animation by joe ski.

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