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boston children’s hospital

way back in 2006, we watsons were asked to create a nurse recruitment video for boston children’s hospital. one video turned into two. two, into a series. and a partnership was born. in 2014, we were named recruitment agency of record for this amazing place —and today, we’re blissfully still at it. kids and the people who make them well. how’s that for a client roster?


a branding campaign for people with purpose.

even the world’s best brands have their challenges finding top talent. the key is tapping into those qualities that connect the brand with prospective employees in an emotionally-resonant way. for boston children’s recruitment branding and advertising, we took a detour from the “people at work” imagery ubiquitous to the category and put the focus on a shared purpose — kids. 

leveraging design elements of the consumer master brand, our campaign used evocative imagery of children in heartfelt moments. we created headlines that tap into the optimism of the brand, highlighting the many ways a career at boston children’s changes the lives of patients and staff alike. media assets included print, collateral, digital, and a brand new career site.


a very personal website — this one’s for the kids.

their abounding accolades aside, if you want to know how special boston children’s is, you only have to walk its hallways — because that’s where you’ll find their people. the question was, how do we show prospective employees the rarity of its culture? and the passion and diversity of its teams? 

the answer? a new careers site that lets boston children’s people do the talking. we interviewed and photographed employee ambassadors, asking them to post about their jobs across social media. in doing so, we gave job seekers the opportunity to follow actual employees and gain unprecedented access to their daily experiences. you’ll see them at work, get to know their colleagues, their passions, their inspirations, and who they are outside of the hospital. 

thanks to the contributions of some of their incredible talent, people were given a very real sense of boston children’s — from the comforts of their computers. a visit to the career site created an insight into the people, culture, and careers that make boston children’s the best of the best.

nurses, families and patients — brought to you by video.

as mentioned, our very first project for boston children’s was a nurse recruitment video that encapsulated the brand’s people, science, and unfettered caring. to come close to conveying the power of nurse-family-patient relationships, we interviewed all three (patient’s ages permitting), editing together their stories — from their unique points of view. the video was so successful, it was expanded into a series and used for multiple purposes beyond nurse recruiting. the videos also took the top prize at the telly awards.