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cabot creamery

cabot creamery makes premium-quality, locally produced, incredibly delicious cheese. amen. when cabot asked us to raise their profile in the new york market, we cried a little (happy tears) then dug into the challenge. 


smile and say, cabot.

while the cabot brand is well known in new england, where they have a number of family farms, awareness is not as high in new york state, despite their having farms there too. our job? a higher profile for greater new york marketshare.

kicking things off with research, we discovered that while most people buy one cheese for cooking, another for snacking, and yet a third for entertaining, cabot showed the greatest versatility, coming out on top in all three categories. in our minds, that made them, “the best cheese on the block”.


a thanksgiving do-over.

with thanksgiving just around the bend, we created an event sponsored by cabot that gave new yorkers the opportunity to win their version of the perfect holiday celebration. named “friendsgiving”, the winner could celebrate with ten people of their choosing — after the obligatory family gathering was over.

we drove new yorkers to cabot‘s new york facebook page, where they could enter to win a fully catered dinner for ten in their homes. with an online media campaign running across,,, time out new york, new york magazine, and more, full-page takeovers in time out new york and grub street highlighted both the contest and the brand’s local farms. the campaign also included wild posterings, shareable art, and facebook ads.

in just ten weeks, we added nearly 4,500 nyc/tri-state area fans to cabot creamery’s nyc facebook page. 

featured_cabot_social_mobile copy.jpg

a taste of success at hearst publishing

we also promoted the holiday event to hundreds of hearst corporation employees — in the comfort of their own cafeteria. cabot chef jimmy kennedy came down and cooked up some amazing cheese dishes, with free cheese samples to boot. cabot was a hit and all who attended, including o magazine’s gayle king, went back to work feeling like a big cheese.