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bartlett tree experts

we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that our love for bartlett tree experts can’t be shaken. nor can our use of tree puns. as agency of record for this century-old, family-owned company, we’re so proud to shine some sunlight on all they do. good for our trees, good for our environment, where bartlett grows, so grow we. guess we barked up the right tree. sorry.


they are the champions, my friend.

bartlett tree experts is the largest residential tree care company in the world. and with the most extensive r&d lab in the country, every bit of their work is grounded in science.

as a company—and a brand—bartlett understands that its greatest asset is its people. so when they wanted to make their successful employee recognition program, ‘bartlett champions’, a consumer-facing campaign, we were on it. all we had to do was to find a way to make an internal program work in the outside world.

to do so, we featured each champion with headlines showcasing just how passionate, slightly-obsessive, encyclopedic, tree-geeky, happy, and amazingly likable they are. in other words, we showcased real people who are exceptional at what they do — in a way that was authentic to each of them.

the design used hero imagery of champions outside, among the trees, where they love to be — with a ribbon graphic representing their place of honor in the company. in the end, the people who make bartlett the best in the world, became living proof of every brand promise.


a look book paints a thousand words.

to showcase the beautiful and prodigious body of work in a manner that can be easily accessed by their arborists to support sales and service efforts, we created an immersive website with a swipe-able parallax portfolio of stunning wall-to-wall images. the photography flows beautifully from one case study to the next, and provides the mobility to do so via tablet — at a conference or on a sales call. and moving their materials from collateral to web allowed us to create a solution that’s environmentally in line with the company’s mission.

with a commercial client list that includes iconic settings like the 911 memorial & museum, san francisco botanical gardens, johnson & johnson headquarters, and the university of chicago, the imagery alone spoke volumes.


social media takes root.

since education is inspiration, the watsons also developed a suite of social tools that included shareables, cover messages, and twitter headers. content-wise, we talked seasonal tips, preventative checklists and created infographics to help people manage tick populations and learn about organic pest control. and, because to know bartlett is to like them, the response has been profoundly thumbs-up.


collateral. by design.

with a broad spectrum of services, and sales, and service teams from coast to coast, we needed to create a suite of collateral that looked as progressive as the science at their center. a consistent corporate-meets-modern design was created that introduced new fonts, a refreshed color palette and photo style — and an icon system representing each service.