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columbia skincare

it’s not every day that you get to work with a company that’s been doing good things for over 147 years. so, we called ourselves lucky when columbia skincare asked us to brand their breakthrough topical probiotic cream.



branding a 147 year old start-up.

just a few years back, columbia skincare made a radical discovery: a chemical compound that works to enhance the body’s natural inclination to regenerate healthy skin cells. from that revelation, they created a first-of-its-kind topical probiotic that makes the skin renewal process more efficient—creating healthier, more beautiful skin. and it was our job to spread the word.

with a modern design and spirited messaging that called out the industry’s less-than-accurate anti-aging claims, our first step was to launch a 4-page insert in american spa magazine. the piece not only announced the product, it established the next generation of one of the most steadfast legacy brands in the country. 

on the heels of the insert, we further developed the new brand—launching a new digital ad campaign that drove customers to purchase online. we also developed comprehensive brand standards that guided us through the creation of social and influencer assets.


a new home on the web.

the watsons designed columbia skincare’s first-ever direct to consumer e-commerce website. using parallax scrolling, the site is solely focused on the brand’s new product line, providing an in-depth overview of the science and outcomes that set them apart from the rest.