the watsons

the work.


so this really smart restaurant concept, with great food — ditto people — comes knocking with an opportunity to take their brand from burgeon to boom. we do the work, make the pitch, and are named agency of record (not-so-humble brag: we also got a standing o). and just like that, we hit the ground running with a soup-to-nuts rebrand. make that, a curried lentil with kale soup-to-blended nuts rebrand. delicious! 



when we met fresh&co, a breakthrough, healthy, quick service restaurant concept, they had four locations in nyc. today, they have sixteen in a marketplace now saturated with copycat concepts. our role? we rebranded the restaurants inside and out — complete with wall murals, menu boards, signage, window clings, uniforms, and food packaging. and for good measure, we named the meals.

bringing to light the concept’s making everything to order and using only fresh ingredients, we began with the tagline: just made. just for you.™


a new design is in the system.

to ensure continuity across all touchpoints, we created a design system that elevated the brand’s profile and personality. using a playful suite of icons, including farm elements, foods, expressions, and culinary instruments — and messaging that reflected the whimsy of the design, we created a fun, accessible energy. using a white envelope to bring home the modernity of the brand, we juxtaposed hand-cut typography and design elements to create the perfect rustic/contemporary balance for the brand, bringing home its culinarily-innovative, locally-sourced menu offerings.


swag, social, and making a scene.

over the years, we developed team uniforms, ambient campaigns featuring a branded tractor showing up on nyc streets, and swag for earth day, green markets, store openings, and other events. for example, when fresh&co opened near nyu, we put together an integrated strategy that included opening day postcards, swag, digital, and social ad campaigns for students. fresh&co hosted pre-opening parties and sidewalk tastings, and we suggested the restaurant remain open for 24 hours during finals week. — a caffeine-laced hit!