the watsons

the work.

grand central terminal

when we were named agency of record for grand central terminal in 2012, it was the beginning of a beautiful partnership. what could be better than using our watson wattage to shine a light on the 60 shops and 35 dining options that make the terminal a favorite destination? for us, in the grand scheme of things, it was the grandest.


a new logo for a century-old icon.

when the fine folks at grand central asked us to design a new logo, we endeavored to create an elegant blend of classic and modern—much like the terminal itself. an exploration of the original architecture led us to a mark that had been part of the building since its opening in 1913. 

the circular marble relief was a monogram with the letters “g”, “c”, and “t”. so, we partnered with type artist bryan patrick todd to artfully transform it into the elegant, new monogram—one that organically translates to a digital version.

the biggest influences for the new monogram came directly from the circular forms found around the building: the exposed lightbulbs of the beaux-arts chandeliers, and faces on both the info booth and famed tiffany clocks. and in an ‘easter egg’ nod to grand central’s railroad history—enthusiasts will notice that the spike in the letter “g” echoes the shape of a train spike used along the tracks.

the new grand central logo font, sackers gothic was inspired by engravers fonts popularized in the early 20th century. the font’s simple, all-capital forms reference that period, while the sans serif typeface imbues the logo with modernity.

it’s a classic case of everything old being new again. and a dream project we never dreamed possible!


advertising 60 shops and 35 dining options under one magnificent roof.

it was a big job, and the watsons were thrilled to do it. we, along with some of the city’s finest retail and architectural photographers, shot all the edible and shop-able reasons why locals and tourists come to grand central terminal. and let us tell you, there are many of them, each as amazing as they are photogenic. 

from shake shack to grand central market and vineyard vines to tumi, each picture paints a thousand wows. the snaps were used in collateral and in ads on city kiosks, station and interior posters, metro wraps, time out new york, and in digital.


branding the grandest of events.

though some would argue that every day is an event at grand central, there are some special occasions that bring in the masses and create traditions for families and friends alike. whether it’s a centennial celebration marking grand central’ milestones, or the annual holiday fair, film festival, taste of the terminal, or summer sendoff — there really is something for everyone all year round.


lights. camera. action. the videos of grand central.

there’s no better way to bring grand central to the masses than through the power of film. the watsons created a number of video series that give audiences an inside look at the people and places that make this an unrivaled destination. from chef portraits to tours of grand central’s best kept secrets, they’re the next best thing to being there.