the watsons

the work.


hint water approached us about developing a campaign for their naturally flavored waters and new product, hint fizz. always thirsty for a challenge, we created a national digital, social, and point of purchase campaign. and let’s just say, it was a pleasure helping them blow the other drinks out of the fizzy, tasty water. 


pop goes the water.

after working with hint water to help promote a healthy alternative to calorically laden sodas and juices, the watsons designed display cases for stores across the country. what followed was an in-your-face point of purchase campaign that was hung on bodega doors around the city.

the brand voice was bold and youthful, having fun with some favorite colloquialisms of the day. visually, the bottle was the hero, popped in a field of bright colors and adorned with a halo effect.  the look was poppy, youthful, and bold with colors that reflected the natural fruits inside them.