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whole foods market


our ‘build the perfect cheese board’ app.   

whole foods market was looking for a new tool that would drive consumers to the specialty cheese department at 38 whole foods markets throughout their mid-atlantic region. beyond boosting cheese sales, we wanted this tool to be multifaceted for both the client and the consumer. once again, we were sure to include lead acquisition through email capture, as well as a seasonal contest for the new year. adding a layer of education for the cheese novice as well as the expert, this new app allowed users to build their perfect cheese board. cheese rookies, with a shake of the phone, received one of several pre-built boards covering textures, tastes, and types. the cheese aficionado was able to build their board based on their own personal tastes for pairings. the app then created a shopping list for easy reference in-store. beyond the boards themselves, users could peruse 72 individual cheese profiles. since its launch, the cheese wheel app has consistently seen hundreds of weekly downloads. 


an app for a summer of sausage.

whole foods market approached the watsons about developing an app that would increase their brand recognition, build the whole foods market constituent database through email acquisition, and drive customers to purchase during the summer months. leveraging the innovative and visually arresting “summer of sausage” program, we created a new app with tons of features like recipes, food facts, and a “shake” game. in addition. to expand the reach of the app, we built in a region-wide contest, with a winner for each store, and social media integration. users were also given the opportunity, through gps, to sign up for a sales flyer form their local whole foods market. using only social media and in-store promotion, the summer of sausage app secured 3,000 new whole foods market fans, garnering more than 500 downloads per day surrounding the launch, and receiving press coverage throughout the mid-atlantic region. 


madness digital

when whole food market’s northeast and mid atlantic regions developed a price-based marketing strategy, the watsons created a branding strategy called “madness”. our digital media strategy launched on food blogs, like brooklyn eats and grubstreet, and non-endemic sites, including a pandora takeover.

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