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the work.


When we met fresh&co, a breakthrough healthy food quick service concept, they had four restaurants in NYC. Today, they have sixteen in a marketplace now saturated with copycat concepts. Along with rebranding the restaurants inside and out, we created interior and exterior signage advertising the many reasons why those outside would be happier in.


to ensure continuity across all touch points, we created a design system that elevated the brand’s profile and personality. using a playful suite of icons, including farm elements, foods, expressions, and culinary instruments, we brought an energy to the brand — while messaging reflected the whimsy of the design with a friendly, sometimes humorous tone. using a white envelope to bring home the modernity of the brand, we juxtaposed hand-cut typography and design elements to create the perfect rustic/modern balance for the brand, bringing home the brand’s culinary-innovative, locally-sourced menu offerings.

bringing to light the brand’s made-to-order offerings using only fresh ingredients, we began with the tagline: just made. just for you.™