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new york liberty

some dream clients come your way magically. like when one of our founding partners wrote a love letter to her favorite sports team — adding a few thoughts about their recruiting and marketing. days later, we were invited to present against a field of sports marketing firms. and just like that, the watsons were agency of record for the wnba’s new york liberty.


give us liberty.

out of the gate, we created a campaign that reflected not just the liberty team, but the experience. yes, fundamentally, they’re about hoops. but they’re also a high-energy entertainment experience — wrapped in music, dancing, community — and some very special world-class athletes who play, not for the paycheck, but for the love of the game. that’s what we call, raising the game.

from tickets to transit to tv — and lots of digital in between — our branding spoke to the overall kickass-ness of the women who put the liberty — and the wnba — on the map. we also celebrated the amazingly diverse fans who unfailingly come to see them. unrivaled nyc entertainment, a sense of belonging, basketball in its purest form – all at the greatest sports arena in the world. yep, that’s liberty for all.


ten years old and growing like a weed.

when the wnba and liberty launched in 1997, a lot of people said they wouldn’t last. so when they reached their tenth anniversary, we decided to remind those people just how wrong they were. using subway car posters and billboards, we took to the streets and tunnels of new york to celebrate this happy milestone.


basketball shorts.

if you’ve been to new york, you know that hailing a cab can be a frustrating, and often times cutthroat, experience. luckily, we had a good samaritan like the new york liberty’s kia vaughn on our side. this and other mini videos were all part of our social media series: bball shorts. 


sass, swag, and signage.

we went wall-to-wall with a wild postering campaign that appeared all over the city. and, to celebrate the liberty’s much beloved fans, we harnessed the power of facebook and twitter for favorite pics, which we used in a mural inside madison square garden’s mall. we also designed t-shirts, including one that declared, “so not a cheerleader”. how well did it resonate with fans? let‘s just say, they‘re all sold out.